Interview with the Vampires

Today is the end of chemo cycle 1.  I survived.  Go me!  My prize for survival of cycle 1 however is promotion to cycle 2 that begins tomorrow.  The last day of the cycle is bloodwork, and so off to the hospital I went this morning to see how this new port works.  And guess what?  The hospital vampire I saw today said that they didn’t do port bloodwork in their department.  What?  Guess what I will be discussing with the chemo nurse tomorrow!   Thankfully, this morning’s vampire took time to find a viable vein, warmed it up, and managed to get blood first time.  Impressive!  Sometimes I feel that I should carry “well done” stickers in my bag to give to the vampires who don’t need a second (or more) attempt!

Today I feel emotionally fragile.  This is not a good week for me.  Not only do I have chemo tomorrow and Friday, but it is the one year anniversary for losing my sister.  Exactly one year ago today I found Pauline unconscious in her flat, resulting in her being admitted to the critical care hospital.  A year ago tomorrow would be her 49th birthday.  A year ago on Friday she was put onto life support.  A year ago on Saturday we lost her.  To be honest, I remain far more sad about this than I do my own situation.  I miss her so much.  We never got along very well in our younger days, but life has a way of blurring the black-and-white differences and in the past few years we would chat on messenger throughout the day, most days.  So many times something happens and I go to open her chat box and then am overcome with an emptiness as reality reminds me, she’s not there anymore.  My life is emptier without having her to chat to, laugh with, and yes, squabble with.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I approach chemo cycle 2 tomorrow.  On the plus side, I’m organised.  I have ordered my comfort food (Heinz Veggie soup, and Cadbury’s Double Decker bars) from the British Corner shop online, and I have what I hope is an easy craft kit to keep me distracted from the serious nausea that was by far the longest lasting and most severe of the side-effects in cycle one.  I know some of you will be curious to know what I’m going to make so I will say it’s an Easter project using really pretty felt.  I think it’s cute – hopefully my idea of cute does not translate into my darling hubby’s idea of tacky!  It’s getting made anyway cos I like it! LOL  If I manage to create something in the next few days, I’ll post a photo on my next update.

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you are having a wonderful day, and thank you for your continued support.

5 thoughts on “Interview with the Vampires

  1. Katie, you are such a strong lady, my mom used to say God never gives you anything he doesn’t think you’re strong enough for….. I could almost wish you weren’t so strong! Bot Hazel and Ian (and not forgetting Ellen) are all asking after you and send their love to you too. They have asked me to keep them updated.
    I’m there tomorrow to make a messenger bag…… fingers crossed it’s useable at the end of the session…
    Huge hugs my lovely lady xxxx

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